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California Drivers Licenses

California Drivers Licenses

The state of California will issue driver’s licenses for immigrants in January 2015

The announcement comes as California gears up to start issuing the new licenses by January 2015. The state is one of nearly a dozen to approve driver’s licenses for immigrants in the country illegally, and expects to issue about 1.4 million of the new licenses during the first three years.

Immigrants and advocates pushed hard for California’s DMV to be flexible on what documents are required to prove identity and residency for the new licenses, noting immigrants in the country illegally may have a hard time getting foreign government-issued identification such as a passport or birth certificate.

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Migration issues


Creating an Immigration System for the 21st Century
Our nation’s immigration system is broken. Fixing it is an economic and national security imperative. That’s why President Obama is working to pass a common sense, comprehensive set of reforms that ensures everyone plays by the same rules.

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White House White Board: Why Immigration Reform Is Good For Our Economy

New Immigration Reform


Prosperous nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom will always attract immigrants that are in search for a better life. The problem is that many immigrants do not follow the proper immigration channels. The United States has an illegal immigration problem as immigrants enter the country illegally by crossing the border between the United States and Mexico, or they enter legally but overstay their visas. The United States Immigration Reform is specifically targeting the problem of 12 to 20 million undocumented workers in the United States.

About The Immigration Reform

The Immigration Reform is primarily focusing on the number of immigrants, both legal and illegal currently in the United States. Organizations and politicians that use the term “Immigration Reform” to support a decrease in immigrants include: American Immigration Reform, NumbersUSA and Congressman Tom Tancredo. There are also several groups and politicians that support immigration to the United States, including: Senator John McCain, Congressman Chris Cannon and the National Immigration Forum.