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Journey Back to Your Roots

Reconnecting with your Mexican heritage goes beyond personal milestones. Sometimes, it involves heartrending moments where closure and official documentation are vital. At Acta America, we stand by you during these challenging times, ensuring you get the official documents you need from Mexico with compassion and efficiency.

More than 15 years of experience.

Mexican Vital Records Specialist

Our Core Document Services

Your origin, documented. We help fetch your or your family’s birth certificate directly from Mexico
Essential milestones should never be lost. We assist in obtaining official marriage papers from Mexico without hassle
Closure, on paper. We facilitate the procurement of official divorce documents from Mexico, ensuring a straightforward process.
In the unfortunate event of losing a loved one in Mexico – be it due to unforeseen circumstances, expat eventualities

Apostille Services

When a foreign document requires validation for use in another country, an apostille is the answer.

Why Acta America for Document Services?

Secure & Confidential

Your documents are in safe hands, processed with utmost confidentiality.

Fast & Reliable

With our connections and expertise, expect swift and reliable document retrieval.

All-in-One Service

From birth certificates to apostilles, we're your comprehensive solution.

Compassionate Service

Understanding the emotional weight of certain situations, we approach each case with sensitivity and empathy.

Embrace Your Heritage, Claim Your Right! Discover how to attain Mexican Citizenship through lineage.